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We work closely with business owners to ensure their businesses run smoothly

Lawmark Partners LLP has wide experience in corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions across some of main industries, financing operations and regulatory matters surrounding them.

We help set up businesses, with a careful understanding of regulation, timelines and when applicable permits.

The firm advises in corporate governing matters, in the setup of companies, partnerships and joint ventures among local or foreign-owned companies. Thereafter, we work closely with business owners whether in construction, entertainment, manufacturing, telecommunications and so on, to ensure their businesses run efficiently and effectively.


We handle your disputes involving business clients whether with other businesses or groups of individuals.

Corporate and Commercial Law

At Lawmark Partners LLP, we provide the legal structure and advice to make certain that your company has the proper formation and conduct regular legal compliance checks to ensure your operations and transactions are in line with legal requirements. Other services include: Business formation and advice, Corporate Governance matters, Joint ventures, Due diligence, Financial investment counseling, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contract Negotiation, Review and Development, Breach of contract, Buy and sale agreements and company secretarial services.

Employment and Labour Law

We advise our clients on key aspects of the law. When claims are made, we help determine if there is potential liability on the part of our client and vigorously defend their rights. We also help our clients in the review and development of employment and consultancy contracts, development of internal policies and procedures, handling employment disputes, facilitating work permits, and negotiating with trade unions.

Civil Litigation

We have the training and expertise to bring your case to court, or to defend you or your company. Our lawyers are experienced and skilled in all aspects of trial work.

ICT and Intellectual Property Law

We believe that innovation is the future and work to safeguard the proprietary interests of our clients in their innovation. We advise on areas such as the registration and enforcement of copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, assignments and licences.

Land and Property Law

We undertake on behalf of our clients transactions relating to land and property advise on sales, purchases, leases, charges, tenancy agreements and commercial letting. We conduct due diligence in respect of such transactions and facilitate the conveyancing process.  We also advise our clients on real estate financing, investment, development, and management.

Legal Compliance and Research

We believe a public policy decisions should be informed by research. The operations of businesses may be affected by the implementation of  public policy decisions. We collaborate with businesses to review critical government decisions that may affect their trade and assist them to assess the impact of such decisions, and to develop and advance key positions.We also support those companies in various sectors on key regulatory and compliance aspects of their business. These include in areas such as: media and telecommunication, consumer protection, banking and finance, public procurement, manufacturing, and so on.


We help our clients in creating strategies that deliver impact. We assist our clients in building organizations to deliver results and in the development of frameworks and plans of action to achieve the desired goals.