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Beneficial Ownership

Who is a Beneficial Owner?A Beneficial Owner is defined as a natural person who controls at least 10% of the issued share capital; or, 10 % voting rights; or a right to appoint a Director or exercise significant control over a company’s finances or financial policies. What does the law say about it?The requirement for […]

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Top Benefits of Registering your Business as a Company

Many people are operating different types of businesses. It could be your primary business or your secondary business or “side hustle”. While you can continue operating your business without registration as a company, there are certain benefits that accrue to those entrepreneurs who make the smart choice to register their business as companies. Here are […]

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BAT raises bar in top bosses pay reporting

British American Tobacco (BAT) Kenya has raised the bar in executive pay reporting with publication of a detailed account of what it paid its directors last year and the performance parameters against which their pay is measured, making it the first publicly traded company to do so. The cigarette manufacturer appears to have borrowed the […]

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Elumelu’s advice to entrepreneurs

Think big, but beyond that, act on the ideas and think long-term. The journey would not be smooth but perseverance is key – Mr. Tony Elumelu who is a billionaire and United Bank of Africa (UBA) chairman. The key message during the session was that Africans should embrace technology and be faithful in transforming the […]

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Incompetent Leaders

Absentee leaders are people in leadership roles who are psychologically absent from them. They were promoted into management, and enjoy the privileges and rewards of a leadership role, but avoid meaningful involvement with their teams. Absentee leadership resembles the concept of rent-seeking in economics — taking value out of an organization without putting value in. […]

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Staff Follow your Habits

Manager work habits e.g. working late or replying emails on weekends whether unintentionally or not, signals to their teams an expectation of similar behaviour and thus obliges the teams or direct reports to respond in kind. This may not be a good thing. Read more on what you should do.

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Time for HR to shift

Most employees don’t care about HR, at least not until they have an issue they need to resolve. It’s not that people feel strongly against human resources, it’s just that they don’t see how it contributes to their day-to-day job. The reason human resources teams struggle to stay relevant is that they are wedded to […]

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